Being Safe in the Kitchen

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We do not want to be worried about cooking and not enjoying it as cooking should be a fun experience for you and everyone around you

Here a few things to keep an eye out to ensure YOU are safe in the kitchen.


  • Wash your hands and clean worktops and utensils well – especially before you touch raw meat, go to the toilet, touch pets or touch the bin.
  • Dry your hands properly - if they’re wet they’ll spread bacteria more easily.
  • Don’t wash raw meat before cooking it. You could splash bacteria onto worktops and utensils. YUK!!!!!
  • Change dish cloths and tea towels regularly - else you could be growing gross bacteria.
  • Keep all sharp objects away from the ends of surfaces and away to ensure no little accidents happen


  • That all raw meat and fish are kept away from ready-to-eat foods.
  • The labels on packets of food, and store and cook foods according to the instructions.
  • That you eat all food by the ‘use by’ date - you can use food that is past a 'best before' date but they may not taste as nice.