Getting fit

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Why bother getting fit in the first place?

There seems to be a thousand excuses for why people don’t keep fit these days – “its too hot to exercise”, or “I’m rubbish at sport” – we do realise that running around in the cold and rain or slogging away to the latest celebrity fitness DVD isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but keeping fit should be about taking time out and having some fun.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Good for both body and mind, just doing a little bit of activity will help you to feel so much better. There are so many sports to choose from there is a sport to suit everyone. If you haven’t found one already take a visit to your local sports centre to try out something new.

It is recommended that we all take at least one hour of physical activity a day. Its not as hard as you might think to make up the hour, walking to school and climbing the stairs all counts. So if you team that up with half an hour of playing football or netball with your mates you’ll be well on your way to maintaining a healthy body.

Good health is all too easy to take for granted but exercising when you are young is so important as it builds a strong heart, healthy lungs, strong bones and muscles as well as keeping you looking good.

Why not try something new?

Dancing, yoga, swimming, ice-skating, judo, just a few sports to try – there is so much choice out there, its easy to find something that suits you.

Not sure what to do?

Sometimes its hard to know what sport to try or where this is available. Take a look at our ‘out of school activities’ (add link) section as this gives details of different things you might like to try. You might like to try a new sport with a friend, although if you have to go on your own you will find trying a new sport or joining a new club means you will make lots of new friends with a similar interest.

Maybe you are already good at a sport but you are in a new care placement and have to start over. This can be touch but if you enjoy your sport, try to find a new club that you can join. If there is no club in yoru area for the sport you enjoy, try a different sport that is similar.

Here are some practical ideas about where to start:

Ask your mates

One of the best ways to know what’s going on is to ask your mates. Find out what clubs and sports they are into and invite them down to the park to kick a ball around.

Check out the school or local library

Libraries aren’t just full of books for school work. They have loads of information about what services are available in your local area. Look out for posters on the notice boards and leaflets about clubs and sports, especially during the school holidays.

Ask your Designated Teacher or PE Teacher

Your teachers usually know what’s going on in your local area. They might know about the local sports clubs and leisure centres or let you know how to get into the school teams. If you want to get into something special, they can find out for you.

Find out for yourself

The website has details of sports facilities near you including swimming pools, health and fitness centres, sports halls, golf courses, turf pitches, ice rinks, ski slopes, athletics tracks and indoor tennis courts.

Ask someone else

Ask your designated teacher, your teachers usually know of the after school clubs as well as what’s going on in the local area.

For other interesting and local information please visit links below.

The MEND programme which is to help people maintain a healthy weight is part of the healthy lifestyle programme for children and young people and their carers which are delivered in local communities. The programmes are fee and fun, carers or professionals can refer; see link for more information:


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