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What does being 'in care' mean?
The term 'Child in Care' is used when a child lives away from their family either as a voluntary arrangement or as a result of a court order. We will do everything we can to keep children living with their families or extended family and friends.
If we think a child is about to go into care, the social worker will call a Family Group Conference to talk about possible alternatives with the family and friends of that child.
Asylum seeking children are accommodated when there is no appropriate adult available to take responsibility for them.
Children become looked after when they are made subject to a legal order made by a court (such as a care order or emergency protection order or police protection) or accommodated at the request of their parent(s) or any other adults with parental responsibility for the child.
Who will look after me?
Every Kent Child in Care will have a named social worker who will have a responsibility to make sure that your needs are being met and that plans are in place to make sure that this continues.
Effective corporate parents make decisions and behave in ways that:
  • Promote children and young people's holistic well-being
  • Provide/support appropriate education for Children in Care
  • Provide appropriate health care
  • Promote employment
  • Encourage leisure, healthy living and continuing interests
  • Provide support after leaving care
  • Help the child develop personal skills and preferences
  • Provide a sense of security and belonging
  • We listen to the views of children and young people in care or preparing to leave care
We work closely and effectively with our partners, such as the health service and voluntary and private sector. We want our children and young people to be and feel well cared for and supported so they are happy, healthy, confident and successful adults.
Our commitment to children and young people in care in Kent, including those children / young people placed in Kent by other local authorities is outlined in our pledge to children and young people in care and preparing to leave care.
How often should my social worker visit me?
How often your social worker visits you can depend on lots of different things. The absolute minimum amount your social worker visits you is every three months. For most though, it will be a lot more often. Click here for a full breakdown of how often your social worker should see you. It also explains why you have visits and what you can expect from them.
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