Life's a Blog

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Enter the world of the endless possibilities... the blog-o-sphere!

Fed up of no one listening to your views? Sometimes feel like you're the only one who thinks like you do?

Well that's probably not true - almost seven billion people live on planet earth so there are sure to be a few who agree with you! If you get blogging you can reach people all round the world who think like you.

Don't think you've got the right skills for the job? If you chat on the phone, Facebook or Twitter then you're already halfway there... you communicate! Blogging is just another form of communication. It could be words or pictures, it could be anything.

Use your blog to say what you think about something you're passionate about!

Where can I set up my blog?

There are many free blogging websites you can choose from here are a few for you to start blogging

Here are a few for you to save you the hassle of finding them