Participation Day reports & feedback

YAC Thames Bridges Trek Challenge - September 2016

Our Young Adult Council (YAC) decided they wanted to fundraise for charity. They chose a  charity called the ‘Who Cares? Trust’ that gives children in care a voice and  improves their day to day lives as well as their futures. In September three members of the YAC accompanied by three members of VSK hopped onto a train and headed from all parts of Kent to London  to complete a 25km walk called the ‘Thames Bridges Trek Challenge.’


The Thames Bridges Trek is a walk across

London, following the Thames and crossing all 16 bridges. We were exhausted after the 4th bridge but carried on and finished all 16!


The weather wasn’t on our side on the day but luckily we brought rain ponchos and wigs so we didn't get too wet! We all dressed up and even managed to complete the trek in less than 5 hours. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our trekkers on their achievement, they set a goal and smashed it! And also to thank everyone who sponsored YAC!


YAC Trek

This Art of Mine & The Turner Gallery - August 2016

We held two activity days for our young people so they could create a piece of artwork for the “Garden of England” competition. Around 30 young people came along to create their own art entries, with such beautiful views to help their imaginations. We saw lots of beaches, poppies, bees, churches and farm animals. We had so much fun creating them with messy acrylic inks and paints. All the art was dried and saved for the competition judging turn over to read about the competition! We learnt that art doesn't always have to be PERFECT!


 this art of mine


Arethusa - August 2016

The water sports day at Arethusa is always one of your favourites! Everyone came suited and booted ready to have a splashing time. We learnt to sail a boat, which was difficult as you kept having to duck! We also did kayaking and raft building, testing the rafts on the water by racing against the other team! We even saw some of England’s harmless jelly fish, they don’t sting you! But we learnt NEVER to pick them up, they die if you do!


Dover Castle - August 2016

We felt like  soldiers as we walked through the war time and hospital tunnels, seeing how dark and cold it would’ve been during the war! We walked through history! It was a lot of walking but nobody complained as they rushed to see the next room! We all learnt about the history behind the tunnels and the castle itself. We even learnt that King   Henry II remodelled the castle back in 1180’s, long before you were born! And it was once a prison too!



Team Tutsham - August 2016

It was so hot, the  hottest day yet, as we hacked across country on our ponies! We hid in the shade with our giant jenga whilst giving the ponies some well earned rest. The truck roller-ride was the best; we got to climb steep hills and speed down the other-side into a smelly stream where we got a face full of water and drenched from head to toe - we learnt so much about horses too!


Like to NEVER walk behind them.



team tutsham


County Wide Children in Care Council Meeting - August 2016

Each Summer we hold a celebratory event for Our Children in Care Council members. It is to celebrate all of their hard work and their contribution to many discussions and decisions that affect all Children in Care across Kent!! This year the day involved a group activity looking at what the role and purpose of the Children in Care Councils is, and how our  Corporate Parents can support the Councils. We also had lots of fun!! It was a great opportunity for Kent Children in Care to meet their Corporate Parents.

After lunch the real fun began! We had an inflatable ‘It’s a KnockOut’ obstacle course which teams took turns in completing. Team work was key and everyone did really well!


Wildwood Activity Day – April 2016

Our last activity of the school holidays was at Wildwood. We walked around the centre, seeing lots of interesting and different animals. We even got to meet a fox! We then got to spend lots of time in the amazing play area and some of us went on the drop slide!


Hop Farm Activity Day – April 2016

At the Hop Farm we did lots of exciting activities! First, we went and saw lots of animals and even had a donkey ride. Next, we had a go on the giant jumping pillows as well as going on the driving school and in the magic castle. We had such a fun day!!


Bewl Water Activity Day – March 2016

We turned up bright and early ready to jump in our canoes and paddle! Being out on the reservoir on a windy day made it more interesting fighting against the waves to get back to shore! We then went cycling through the woods! After putting on our helmets and gloves, we checked our tyre pressure, brakes and gears before setting off. We had lots of fun riding in the mud!


Revolutions Climbing and Skating Activity Day

On Friday 19th February we held our last activity day of the school holiday. We had two groups of young people come along to try some climbing and show off their tricks on the ramps.


First, we had a go at climbing. We were in a room with big crash mats so were able to do some climbing without a harness! We were taught some challenges to try to improve our skills. We also got to go higher on the other wall when we got roped up too.


After a short break, we got our scooters and pads on and were taught some tricks in the skatepark. It was a great day.


Amelia Kury – Participation and Engagement Support Assistant


Espression Arts Activity Day

On Thursday 18th February we went to Espression Arts Studio in Canterbury. We had two groups of young people come along to get creative!


The first thing we made was a mosaic. We drew our designs onto our plate or tile before covering it with glue! We then chose our tiny glass tiles and used even more glue to stick them on. When we had finished this, they were filled in with white plaster in between each tiny tile and left to dry.


Our other thing we made was a decoupage money box. This involved getting very sticky with lots of glue and crepe paper! We used little strips to cover the box and then covered it with even more glue to give it a shiny finish.


Amelia Kury – Participation and Engagement Support Assistant

Ice Skating Activity Day

On the 30th October it was time to get our skates on! We were all looking warm in our coats, scarves and gloves when we then took to the ice at Gillingham skating rink.  We had professional coaches teach us all the moves we needed to look cool on the ice! After we got the basics of skating we were let loose on the entire rink, some of us hadn’t ever been before so there was a little bit of slipping and sliding. Nobody gave up and by the end of the day we had some semi-professional skaters! Well done everybody!! 


Gups Mahay – Apprentice Participation Worker


Skiing and Tobogganing Activity Day

On the 28th October we ran a tobogganing and skiing activity day at Folkestone Ski Centre. The young people were split into two groups. One group did skiing first and the other tobogganing. Then we swapped over.


The group who did skiing, were given a short lesson to learn the basics of skiing and then we had a chance to play on the slopes with our new skills! The other group collected their toboggans before sledging down a hill - this was the funniest activity of the day, lots of slipping and sliding and laughing...not to forget, lots of mud too!!


We finished up the day, snow tubing. With our rubber rings in hand we walked up the big slope and raced from the top to the bottom as many times as we could fit in!


Heidi Coombes – Apprentice Participation Worker


16+ London Trip

On the 21st August, myself, Bella, Gups and our support officer Suzanne took 7 young people age 16+ to London for an participation day. We went to the London Bridge Experience.


We meet all the young people at Maidstone west, and then we all got the train to London before we went to the London Bridge Tomb Experience and we went to a little café for lunch.

We spent the whole day in London, all the young people enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun in the London Bridge Tomb Experience.


After this day all the young people want to be more involved with Virtual School Kent and Participation and Engagement. And all of the young people that came to the London day are now involved in are Young Adult Council (YAC).


Heidi Coombes – Apprentice Participation Worker


Dover Sea Sports Activity Day

On Wednesday 13th August we ran a Dover Sea Sports Participation Day. We had two water activities running; stand-up paddle boarding, and raft building, everyone involved did an amazing job in taking part in the activities. They all put so much effort into everything that they were doing; whether it was rowing really fast against the current and being taken out to sea or helping the staff with the rafts and paddle boards at the end of the sessions. After everyone had returned from their activities (we then got a bit drier and warmer!!)

Chris Dowle – Apprentice Participation Worker


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