True stories

Hayley's Story


Hi I'm Hayley. I came into care when I was 14 due to my mum being unable to look after me. I was a very angry teenager because I suffered abuse as I was growing up and didn't know how to deal with it. She couldn't deal with my attitude or behavioural issues. I was moved into a temporary foster home in the hope that we could resolve our issues and move on. It didn't work out though. I stayed in care and was moved over to the Isle of Sheppey. I wasn't happy there though as all my friends were in Sittingbourne. I started running away and not going to school. Shortly after that I was moved back to Sittingbourne. This I'm sorry to say did not help my behaviour. I ended up being excluded from school and was genuinely on the road to failure. Another move led me to Lee and Leanne, all of a sudden I felt at home. After sitting down and discussing my behaviour and how it couldn't continue because they had young children of their own who were going to look up to me. I made the decision to change. My school let me go back part time until I could prove myself. I eventually went back full time and even sat my GCSE's. Once school was over, I sat down with Lee and Leanne discussing my options for the future, I decided to go to college and spent two years doing hairdressing. I passed both years! Now I am doing an apprenticeship with VSK. Luckily for me, I met Lee and Leanne, who I now call mum and dad. Even though I didn't have the best of starts to life, I am confident the rest of my life will make up for it. Being in care isn't a bad thing, in fact it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. 


Liam's Story

Hi my name is Liam. I am a young person who has had the experience of being in the care system since I was age 7 and it has helped me become the man I am today.

When I first came into care I hated it because I got taken away from my family but the family I ended up getting placed with helped me a lot with my emotions, plus it gave me a fresh look on life.

Being in care does have its ups and downs but there are more ups than downs because they take you on holidays and get you into activities such as army cadets, football and dancing. They also help you get through your education and help you get into college/sixth form etc. When I went to college I studied Public Services NVQ level 1 and level 2. I completed both levels and have the certificates to prove it!

I am now currently working for Groundwork South in partnership with my local council as an apprentice. At the end of the apprenticeship I would like to have a full time job in what I am currently doing with more money of course. If that’s not possible I would like to join the Prison Service or Armed Forces.

All in all I have had a really good upbringing from being in care.

Scott's Story

Hi my name is Scott I am 17 years old. I have only been in the care system for 3 months now since I have been in care my life has drastically CHANGED. I was not in any sort of education till I came into care and now I am studying NVQ Level 2 in sport.

Being in care has helped me with my life skills and I must admit it was the best move social services could have done for me. I have not had the best of lives a young person should have, but being in care has given me more opportunity.

My life time ambition would be to be a personal trainer in the Royal Army. I couldn’t love life as much as I do right now and I am living with the best foster carer anybody could ever ask for.

Sophia's story

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When I first went into care I was 4 years old due to my mum going into prison. When I was 5 my little brother was born. During that time at the carers I suffered allot of physical abuse by them. Shortly after we returned home to my mum up until the age of 7. Me, my sister and little brother went back into care and had many different carers as my mum wasn’t fit to look after us. We stayed with a carer for 3 years.


Theresa's story

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I first came into care when I was only 3 years old. I went into the new family with my brother and sister who joined us a year later. I don’t really remember what happened but my mum tells me all the time about what I was like. I was quiet, withdrawn, looked at the floor all the time. I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I only ever held my brothers hand. I had 3 new siblings, a foster sister and two foster brothers.