The Kent Pledge

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The Kent Pledge is the promise that Kent County Council makes to you whilst you are in care. It is there to help make sure that your time in care is the best it can possibly be, to support you to do your best and to have success in your life.

Our pledge includes a number of things we will do that will help make sure that your time in care is a positive experience. These are based around 6 themes:


A sense of belonging

We will:

  • find you somewhere safe to live
  • help to help you keep in contact with family and friends, but be truthful to you if you can't do this
  • consider what you like and need
  • include you in any decisions made about your future
  • if appropriate, get you a passport and National Insurance Number


An adult who is always there for you

We will:

  • let you know who your Social Worker, IRO and Child in Care Nurse is and how you can get in contact with them
  • make sure that you have at least one constant person in your life whilst you are in care


A good education

We will:

  • if needed, help find you a good school, college or university place
  • work with your school, so you can achieve your best and help you catch up if you fall behind
  • give you a laptop to help with school work when you are 11 or older and have been in care for 6 months or more
  • praise and reward you when you do well


Good memories for the future

We will:

  • support you with your hobbies and interests
  • help you build memory books of the important people and places in your lives


Getting ready for being an adult

We will:

  • include you in important decisions made about your lives
  • support you with any personal needs you have
  • help you find somewhere safe to live when you leave care, and give you the help and advice you need
  • make sure you get the right help if you need to move to Adult Services


Supporting your needs and interests

We will:

  • give you the chance to tell us about your wishes, how you feel and what your interests are
  • look after your education, health and care needs
  • tell you who you need to speak to if things aren't going right for you
  • support you in finding the right legal advice if you should need it


You can read the full version of the Kent Pledge here.





The Kent Care Leavers Charter follows on from the Kent Pledge and is Kent County Council’s promise to help support you when you leave care. It includes promises like helping you with accomodation and with further and higher education. You can read a full version of the Kent Care Leavers Charter here.


Watch the video made to help you understand the Kent Pledge: KENT PLEDGE - ADDITIONAL INFO

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