Virtual School Kent

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This is how a Virtual School is set up in local areas:

  • Deputy Head: Manages the complete Virtual School and oversees the day to day running of the team
  • Assistant Head: Tracks and monitors the academic progress of children in care by recording progress from schools and looking to help identify gaps and put support in place
  • Support Officers: Work directly with the young people that require extra support with school work
  • Education Welfare Officer (EWO): Collects information and tracks attendance and looks at strategies if a young person is not attending education
  • Fostering Education Liaison Officer (FELO): The link between fostering / foster carers and schools and reports to the team any changes that may affect education
  • Administators: Work in our offices to support the other staff, arrange special funding and tuition as well as lots of other things that help the team to run smoothly
  • CIC Nurse: Completes your Health Assessments and helps to identify support and offer guidance
  • Participation Worker: Organise fun activity days and the children in care councils, make newsletters, give ePEP support and run this website!




VSK contact numbers: 03000 412777 (West Kent) or 03000 421157 (East Kent)


VSK professionals website:

Virtual School Kent