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Work Experience OpportunitiesPenguin on work experience

If you're looking for a rewarding work placement, want to develop your skills and explore a work place environment then work experience at Kent County Council could be just for you!

How you will benefit:
Your work experience placement will give you the opportunity to practice and develop some of the key employability skills and attributes that employers are looking for, such as:

Personal skills

  • Communication and literacy – The ability to clearly explain what you mean, through written and verbal means, comprehend and take appropriate actions and build rapport with colleagues and customers
  • Numeracy – The ability to use mathematics to demonstrate a point or spot an error, e.g. spotting figures have been entered incorrectly into a sales till by using mental arithmetic to calculate the total
  • ICT – The ability to use computers and computer programmes as well as office equipment such as a phone, fax or photocopier
  • Business and customer awareness – The ability to communicate  and help  clients/customers appropriately

Personal attributes

  • Working in a team – Being able to work with others towards a common goal, this may mean adapting your language and attitudes in order to work smoothly with others and show consideration for other people’s ways of doing things.
  • Self management – Showing commitment and initiative, being self confident, asking questions and seeking advice were necessary. 
  • Problem solving – This does not mean working things out for yourself.  It is about recognising when things are not at their best and seeking solutions

We have various work experience opportunities for Children In Care and Care Leavers aged 16 and upwards in the following KCC Teams:

Information & Communications Technology  - Click here for further details

Planning & Environment - Click here for further details

Policy & Strategic Relationships Team - Click here for further details

Virtual School Kent - Click here for further details

Independent Reviewing Officer Service - click here for further details


To apply you need to fill in our online form stating which placment you are interested in. Please also write 'VSK Project' on your application.

Once you have submitted your application a copy is sent to the Work Experience Project Officer for review. You will receive an email to confirm that it has been received. If successful, your application will be forwarded to the relevant team offering the placement for final decision and you will be contacted to make arrangements.