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What is an IRO and what do they do for me?

An Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)’s focus is to make sure that adults working with you (like teachers, social workers and carers) are doing what they should to help you. They also make sure that you have a say in your care reviews.

An IRO must:

  • Monitor the local authority’s actions in relation to your review
  • Participate in your reviews
  • Ensure that your wishes and feelings are taken into account
  • Ensure that plans for you are based on balanced, up-to-date and factual information
  • Make sure that you understand how an advocate could help you and your entitlement to one
  • Make sure that you fully understand any changes made to your care plan


Staying in one place

To ensure you are happy, everything possible must be done to keep you at the same school and same placement for as long as possible. This is so you have same opportunities as other children.


How often will I have reviews?

Your local authority is required to hold reviews for you regularly:

  • Your first review will be within 20 working days of the date which you came into care
  • Your second review must be within three months of the first
  • Your third review and any others after this one will be within every six months
  • You may also need to have a review if your IRO feels one is necessary or when you move placements


Your views and comments for your review meeting

Before your review meeting, you should get the chance to give your views and thoughts. A way of doing this is by filling in a 'consultation booklet'. This booklet can be completed on your own, with your social worker, IRO or advocate. Click the links below to download a copy:


Children aged 7-11

Children aged 11+

Albanian: 7-11 or 11+

Arabic: 7-11 or 11+
Pashto: 7-11 or 11+

Tigrinian: 7-11 or 11+

Vietnamese: 7-11 or 11+



If you would like more information:

The guides below explain how Kent County Council Children's Social Services makes plans for your care and how your Independent Reviewing Officer reviews those plans with you and the people working with you. There are 2 guides:


One for children aged 12 and under

One for children over 12 years old


Albanian: Under 12 or Over 12

Arabic: Under 12 or Over 12

Pashto: Under 12 or Over 12

Tigrinian: Under 12 or Over 12

Vietnamese: Under 12 or Over 12

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