You Said... We Did It!

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YOU SAID... We Did It! 2015


This is what you told us about your IRO and Review Meetings:

The IRO Service continues to welcome and encourage views of children and young people in care about how well IRO'S chair their reviews and support children and young people in care.

These are the areas you have suggested changes are needed:

    • Discuss our care plan and our review report with us
    • Make sure decisions agreed at our reviews are achieved
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    • Make reviews shorter
    • Help us to complete our consultation leaflets with us before the review
    • Meet and discuss with us, before the review, what is going to be talked about.
    • Let us know who will be invited to our reviews and tell us the venue, help us to prepare for the review.
    • We want to know your name and how we can get in touch with you
    • We want you to visit us at home between reviews
    • Let us know about what you do by sending an email or newsletter
    • Check with us and let us know when reviews are changed or cancelled
    • We want interpreters to be present at our reviews and to interpret information correctly for us



WE DID IT! - These are the changes we are making after listening to you:

IRO’s will encourage social workers to talk about your care plan with you and to write down your views in your care plan or pathway plan

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  • IRO’s have raised 258 issues with your social workers and managers since your reviews from April-June 2015
  • IRO’s are still looking at how to make the reviews shorter, less formal and with less people coming along
  • IRO’s will keep checking that social workers complete your consultation leaflet to help you prepare for your reviews
  • IRO’s are still meeting with you before your reviews to talk about anything you want to bring up at your review
  • The IRO service now has 20 children and young people who fully chair their own Reviews and 87 children and young people who chair part of their Reviews. IROs will keep encouraging more children and young people to do this.
  • IROs are now using their information cards (IRO contact cards) to contact you and let you know about your Review.
  • IROs are making efforts to visit you in between Reviews.
  • IROs will continue to run focus groups twice a year to give you the chance to meet with a group of IROs face to face and to tell them what you think about the services we provide to you. The last focus group was in June 2015.
  • IROs will update information about what we are doing through the Kent cares town website.
  • IROs will start to check with you and let you know when there is a change in your Review date, time and venue.
  • IROs are talking with the interpreting service to ensure that interpreters are at your review and during home visits.
  • IROs will start to ask you after each Review about your thoughts on how it has gone


If you want to take part in chairing your own review or if you want to be part of a children and young person’s interview panel for the selection of IROs please get in touch with Tina Onuchukwu 03000 418711 (IRO Team Manager for South / East IRO Service)  or

Pritpal Sodhi (IRO Team Manager North / West IRO service) 03000 412349