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Vlogs and Videos

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2022, the Participation Team has created this short film, to celebrate the value, benefit of an apprenticeship. 

Read the text of the film


Find out more about Virtual School Kent’s Six Nurture Principles and what they mean to young people.

Read the text of the film.

What does Nurture mean?

VSK is working hard to incorporate the 6 Nurture Principles into our work with young people. Find out more about what Nurture is and learn about the 6 Principles from Tony Doran, VSK’s Headteacher.

Returning to School

We know that the idea of more children returning to school is causing a lot of mixed emotions for young people.  We made this video to help support you as you return to the classroom - there is no right or wrong way to feel! 

Easter Design Competition

We loved receiving your fabulous Easter Design Competition entries.  The standard was amazing and it was really tough to pick our favourite! Take a look at the video to see just some of the brilliant posters, puzzles and drawings you sent in!

Stay Home and Wash Your Hands!

Nola, who is the daughter of one of our Participation Officers, wanted to share with you the importance of washing your hands to help you, the people you live with and others safe and healthy.  We think she’s a natural in front of the camera! Thanks Nola!

Mind of My Own

Mind of My Own is a fantastic app that allows you to communicate with your workers more easily.  Answer questions about a variety of scenarios like Sort a Problem, Change something, Share Good News or My Worker is Visiting.  Have a watch of our short film to find out more or go to!

Youth Voice

The Participation Team is always looking for new ways to help young people express their opinions and share their thoughts about the care they receive.  This week we have been experimenting with some new animation software, VideoScribe. We hope you like our first go - we chose a subject close to our hearts!

Foster Care Fortnight

Join the VSK Apprentices in spreading the word about how amazing our Kent Foster Carers are. 

During Foster Care Fortnight, let’s work together to encourage more people to think about fostering! 

Why not get in touch to tell us about your foster carer?

National Apprenticeship Week 2019

Lots of you will have met the VSK Apprentices at activity days or Children in Care Council meetings.  They are really proud to be Apprentices and as it is National Apprenticeship Week (4th March - 8th March), wanted to tell you why they think apprenticeships are such a great opportunity! 

Celebrating Your Successes

Here at Kent Cares Town, we love celebrating your achievements and successes! Take a look at Josh playing the Piano at a Christmas Performance.  He has only been learning for a short time and showed great courage and perseverance in preparing for this performance! Got something to share? Contact 

Taking Over Whitehall

At the end of November, Chelsea had the fantastic opportunity to take part in the Whitehall Takeover in London. She shadowed Lord Agnew, Parliamentary Under Secretary for the School System in the Department of Education. She wanted to share her day with you all so take a look!

The Super Council

Sophia wanted to let everyone know about our fantastic Super Council meeting in October.  We had a great time discussing young people’s views of their Review Meetings, looking at the redesigned Kent Cares Town website and playing some fun games! 

Challenging Your Corporate Parents

Sophia met with Caroline Smith, Interim Assistant Director for Corporate Parenting, to challenge everyone who works at Kent County Council to be the best Corporate Parents they can be to Children in Care and Care Leavers!

Combatting Stigma

Young people in care and care leavers tell us that they don’t want to be defined by the fact they are in care.  YAC members and our Apprentice Participation Workers made this film to dispel the myths and stigma around being in care.  Let us know about your experiences by contacting us.