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Your Health


Your Health

If you are under 18, please click to access information about the role of the LAC nurse and health assessments.

Health Histories

From your 18th birthday, you will no longer remain under the care of the nursing service for looked after children. However, your health is still extremely important, and it is very important that you know how to access local health services including a G.P (Doctor); and that you have information regarding your previous health and immunisation status. When applying for college, jobs or university, this information may be very relevant. With your agreement, the nurse will compile your health information available and will add this to the health history document along with other useful health promotion links. On completion, the health history document will be sent to you for safe keeping. It will be useful to use when you access health services and adult services.

How can the Care Leavers 18+ Service support your health?

Your health matters to us.  Being healthy does not only mean being physically healthy, but it is also defined by your mental and sexual health.  As a care leaver, there are lots of services available to ensure all aspects of being healthy are met.

Emotional Wellbeing

If you need someone to talk to about any concerns that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your personal adviser or a trusted person, then the Care Leavers 18+ Service can refer you to have counselling.

Live Well Kent is a free service for anyone over 17 that aims to help young people improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Ring 0800 567 7699 or go to their website to discuss how they can help you.

Sexual Health

If you need help and support with sexual health, you will be referred by your personal adviser to the right services for you. Your support worker or keyworker may also give you advice and guidance.

You can also look here to find out about sexual health clinics, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. Your personal adviser will also be able to help you to keep yourself safe.

Drug and alcohol support

There are several services that can help with drug and alcohol treatment including advice, information, drop in services, structured treatment, counselling or harm reduction.

In East Kent:

tel: 0300 123 1186

Forward Trust 

In West Kent:

tel: 0844 225 0652

Change Grow Live 

Your Doctor

Your personal adviser will help you to sign up with a GP. If you move home, it is your responsibility to inform your GP and sign up with a different one.

Dentist and Optician

If you are receiving benefits, you are entitled to free dental and optician care. They are also free if you are under 18 or are in full-time education.

Leisure Facilities

If you would like help to access free leisure, sport or fitness activities, then speak to your personal adviser. We do our best to give you access to leisure facilities but the head of the Care Leavers 18+ Service will need to agree to the costs associated with it.

Useful Health Links

NHS Choices

You can research health problems and find out more about staying healthy. It is also the place to find a doctor or a dentist.

Click to visit their website

Get It

Order condom packs online for free and find out lots of information about sexual health.

Click to visit their website

Talk to Frank

Frank helps you find out everything you might want to know about drugs (and some stuff you don’t).

Click to visit their website


Addaction is one of the UK’s leading mental health, drug and alcohol charities.

Click to visit their website


Porchlight offers free one to one support and advice for anyone over 17 about a range of topics such as physical and mental health and drugs and alcohol.

Click to visit their website

The Mix

Get information and support about a huge range of topics including sex and relationships, your body and mental health.

Click to visit their website


Get help and advice for a range of LGBT issues.

Click to visit their website

NHS Choices

Find out how to get fit for free.

Click to visit their website


Learn about eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Click to visit their website


Advice about providing a healthy diet for your children.

Click to visit their website