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Relationships with Family and Friends

Relationships with Family and Friends

Seeing your younger brothers and sisters (under 18) or your own children can be discussed with your Personal Adviser. They are here to help you.

For those aged 18-21yrs, we can support with travel up to 4 times a year to see the family/friends who are important to you but live outside of the county (e.g. Kent) and who you cannot visit by bus (living in the UK). We can purchase the most cost effective train tickets for you online.

If you have lost contact with your family from your country of origin, we will support you by linking you with agencies who help to trace families (for example British Red Cross).

You should let your Personal Adviser know who is important to you as we are able to help you make contact with them. You should also tell us who you would like to have as your next of kin for emergency issues.

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