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Your Passport

Your Passport

For those aged 18-25yrs, we will support you with an application for a 10-year passport, if you have not already received one through your Children in Care Team.

Your passport will be your main form of identification and may be needed when you apply for a job, open a bank account or move home among other things and is required for travel abroad.  It is therefore, very important that you keep it safe. If you do lose it, you will not be allowed to leave the country or travel abroad and may be at risk of identity theft.  You will also have to pay for a new one. 

The Care Leavers 18+ Service will fund the application for a Travel Document for our asylum care leavers. We will also contribute £75 towards the travel documents for former unaccompanied asylum seeking young people with Refugee Status or with Humanitarian Protection Status.

This will be a one off payment for both passport and travel documents.

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