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Understanding your Pathway Plan

Understanding your Pathway Plan

Every young person between 16 and 25-years of age that is in care or is a Care Leaver is provided with a Pathway Plan. Your Pathway Plan will be started by your Social Worker when you turn 16; this will be reviewed with your Care Plan twice a year and when you turn 18, your Personal Adviser will take over the duties in managing this for you. Your first Pathway Plan meeting will be chaired by your Independent Reviewing Officer and evaluated with your Care Plan and Personal Education Plan, should you have one.

The Pathway Plan has information on the best way for the Care Leavers 18+ Service to support you in your transition to independence and adulthood. This can include other key professionals,/agencies/support networks involved in your life.

Your Pathway Plan is written in such a way that should meet your individual needs and it will capture your hopes for the future.  It will also include your views and key messages. Therefore, you are encouraged to lead your review as much as possible - it is your review. Your Pathway Plan will be regularly reviewed with you and this will take place at least every 6 months – these meetings will ensure that your goals and milestones are still correct and being met.

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