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Moving On


Staying Put

Staying Put

If you and your carer agree, you can continue living in your foster placement until you reach 21.  This is called Staying Put.

You will be a lodger in their home, in that you will be renting a room from them and you will be expected to pay a contribution to your keep. Whilst here, you will be supported to develop your independent living skills further with your carer.

This will mean that you continue to receive the extra care and support you might need before taking on your own independent accommodation. Many young people are not ready to move into their own accommodation at 18 and this can be a nice way of remaining part of a family and making sure you are confident in taking your next step towards independence.

Staying Put can help you maintain a supportive relationship with your carers.  If you decide to do this, we will still help you apply for independent accommodation after you are 21.

Shared Lives

If you are disabled and/or need more support than can be offered through Staying Put, then Shared Lives might be a possible option for you, either with your current carers if they apply to become Shared Lives carers or another.

Shared Lives can only be accessed via the Disabled Young People’s Team or one of the Adult Services Teams in KCC. It should be considered by the Children in Care or Young People’s teams before you turn 18 years of age.


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