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18+ EET Team

18 Plus Education, Employment and Training Team

We will offer support to ensure that you are achieving the best of your ability. The Team are in place to assist you with your career journey and access provision. 

We can support you by providing 1:1 private tuition for maths and English GCSE retakes. We will discuss with you and your Personal Adviser to put this in place if required.

It might not be possible to find a provider for all interests and courses, so you might need to be flexible. It is important that you attend your training, education or employment placement. If you do not attend regularly or your attendance is below a required percentage, you risk being asked to leave or not being able to progress. You may also not be able to meet the entry requirements of the next level course.

Speak to your PA or the EET Team if you need any help, especially if you are not happy on your course or in your job to see if they can help you resolve this.

Designated Member of Staff

If you are in education (college or university), we will liaise with your education provider’s ‘Designated Member of Staff’ (a key contact specifically for care leavers) to access additional support where necessary, including financial support.


We will provide additional information to support you in your university applications and be on hand if you have any concerns or worries.  This includes help with your university application form, understanding the financial support and accepting your offers.

Some universities offer all year round accommodation for care leavers and bursaries. You can research the offers different universities make to care leavers using the Propel website

Once you arrive at university, you should speak to the Designated Member of Staff to find out what additional support is available to you.  Whilst at university, you may also wish to become an ‘Ambassador’ where you help potential students understand what university life is like - and get paid to do so.

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