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Additional Education Payments

Additional Education Payments

For those aged 18-21yrs, the Care Leavers 18+ Service can contribute towards additional alternative educational programmes.  This has to be discussed with the EET team to confirm the appropriateness of the course.

  • We will pay up to a maximum of £200 towards the registration and/or exam fees for your agreed course (once per academic year)
  • We will support you with essential equipment and books as agreed on an individual basis
  • We will assist you in paying for graduation tickets, photos and robes etc up to £100

Exam Rewards

If you provide your Personal Adviser with images of your certificates when you complete a qualification, we reward results from ESOL/GCSE level to degree level. This would be up to a maximum of £50 in vouchers for per academic year for those aged 18-21yrs (£25 per qualification).

If you complete your undergraduate degree, we will reward you with £100 in vouchers (aged 18-25yrs).

Please make sure you let us know when you do achieve some success, we would like to celebrate this with you. 

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